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Integrating Global Cultures, Uniting for Peace
The First International Forum on Global Faith and Culture will be held in Singapore
Featured news by He Yurong
Photos provided by the organizer

The first International Forum on Global Faith and Culture will be held at Singapore’s Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre from September 30th to October 2nd. Distinguished guests, scholars, and religious leaders from over 40 countries will meet in Singapore to pray for humanity’s peace and well-being.

“This is the first time we have organized such a cross-border, cross-religious, and cross-cultural event,” said Zhang Bu Sheng, President of the Chinese Cultural Promotion Society of Singapore. There will be 1,000 participants in person, including over 150 globally renowned scholars, religious representatives, cultural leaders, and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, approximately ten thousand people from around the world will be participating in this event online.”

Interfaith Conversations, Seeking Peace for Humanity

“The world situation is complex, and the purpose of organizing this forum is to pray for world peace and to keep people away from wars, poverty, and suffering.”

The event will bring together representatives from major religions from around the world, including Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Confucianism, and others. “In addition to representatives from the religious community, we also have scientists, educators, and scholars. There will be interaction and communication not only among different religions but also between religious and secular beliefs.”

“Singapore has always supported and respected ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity, which is why we chose to host the first forum here. Binary oppositions cause global instability, and our goal is to promote a unified civilization. Humanity is a whole, and we should embrace, respect, and love one another as we work together to save the planet, humanity, and the global family. By transcending black-and-white boundaries and frameworks, we can each express our own beauty, achieving the magnificent realm of a unified civilization.”

Live Creations by Five Artists, Showcasing Hundreds of Masterpieces from 30 Painters

This is a grand art event, featuring the live painting performances by five artists: Zhang Guolong, Chang Meijuan, Xu Lixia, Wu Wenkai, and Wang Jingyu, allowing everyone to witness the spontaneity of artists at work. In addition, over a hundred artworks from more than 30 painters are part of this exhibition, including pieces by contemporary young talents like Ji Qingyuan, Lu Ping, Zhao Qingzhong, Peng Huajing, and more.

Zhang Guolong is a professor and graduate supervisor at the Experimental Art College of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. His art style emphasizes the fusion of Chinese and Western influences, expressing cultural imagery through the material properties of art. Chang Meijuan is a member of the China Artists Association and the Chinese Gongbi Painting Society. She serves as the Chairwoman of the Shanxi Branch of the Overseas Chinese Artists Association and the Vice Dean of the Chinese Painting Institute in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Xu Lixia’s works were selected for and awarded at the Eighth National Art Exhibition, and they have been collected by numerous domestic and international art institutions and individuals.

Wu Wenkai is a poet, calligrapher, and sculptor. He was the former editor-in-chief of the ” Economic and Trade” (Jingmao daobao) magazine and currently serves as the President of the Beijing Song Yizhuang Academy of Calligraphy and Painting. He has curated and participated in over forty exhibitions. Wang Jingyu is a member of the China Artists Association and a council member of the Chinese Calligraphers and Painters Association. He has published books such as “Wang Jingyu’s Art Collection,” “Wang Jingyu’s Color-ink Portraits,” and “Wang Jingyu’s Works Collection.”

Largest Nepalese Buddhist Art Exhibition

The event will showcase hundreds of exquisite Nepalese Buddha statues and Thangka artworks, making it the largest Buddha statue and Thangka art exhibition in Singapore’s history.

His Eminence Tsula Lopen Rinpoche, Karma Rangdrol will personally promote Dharma at the forum, which will be his first time teaching Buddhism outside of Bhutan. “He will openly share the precious teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism to benefit a wider audience group.”

The forum will also host the ‘ Melodies of Chinese’ Traditional – Pop Music Concert, allowing guests and audiences to appreciate diverse cultural music from different genres that convey universal values and emotions.

Through a cross-cultural exchange platform, this forum seeks to encourage understanding and harmony among religions, beliefs, and cultures while removing barriers and misunderstandings. Admission is free and interested people can obtain free tickets by visiting the website or calling 8666 5557 or 93881439.


The first International Forum on Global Faith and Culture will be held at Singapore’s Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, praying for peace and well-being of humanity together.

Five artists will paint live on site, allowing everyone to experience the charm of creation.

Melodies of Chinese: “Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Pop Music concert” will showcase multicultural music from different genres, conveying universal values and emotions.

Hundreds of exquisite Nepalese Buddha statues and Thangka artworks will be displayed at the venue.

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