Venerable Dr. Tampalawela DHAMMARATANA ( Shi Fa Bao)

President, Standing Committee of the International Forum on Global Faith and Culture

President, Frankfurt Buddhist Academy in Germany

Former Consultant to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and

Vice- President of the International Council of the United Nations Day of Vesak (ICDV)

Ven. Tampalawela Dhammaratana  (Shi Fa Bao), is a French Buddhist monk of Sri Lankan origin. At the age of ten, he entered the Buddhist monastic order and received an excellent traditional Buddhist education under the guidance of erudite monks of royal honors (Royal Pandits). He received his Higher Ordination at the age of twenty from the Siam Mahanikaya, Malwatte Chapter in Kandy, Sri Lanka under the supervision and guidance of his late teacher the Most Venerable Pitadeniye Sri Ratanapala Nayaka Thera of Wellassa, Bintenne and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.

After his graduation from the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka he left for France in 1985 for further higher education. In France he obtained his M.A, M.phil. and Ph.D degrees in the fields of Indian and Buddhist philosophy from the University of Paris Sorbonne (Paris IV), by submitting a thesis on “ Some Aspects of the Anatta Doctrine in the Theravada Tipitaka”. In addition to that he did Post-Doctoral research at Ecole Pratiques des Hautes Etudes (Section IV), University of Paris Sorbonne, by editing an ancient Buddhist manuscript on Buddhist discipline (Vinaya).

As a young scholar, he entered the UNESCO in 1999 in the Division of Philosophy and Ethics and contributed to the implementation of the Universal Ethics Project, and later in the Division of Inter-Cultural Dialogue and Cultural Pluralism he worked as the copy editor of the History of Humanity, Vols. VI and VII, under the guidance of an international scientific committee.  Besides that, for two decades he worked as a representative of the International Buddhist Community at UNESCO in order to develop sustainable peace, religious harmony, and to promote common values of all religions and cultures in the world.  In recognition of his excellent work in the fields of peace, education, culture and intercultural dialogue, the Mahachulalangkornrajavidyalaya University in Thailand honored him by conferring a degree of “Doctor Honoris Causa” in 2009, and a Gold Medal he received from the Government of Bangladesh.

He is a very active member and holds executive positions of several international Buddhist, cultural and academic organizations in the world. Among them are the World Fellowship of Buddhists, the World Buddhist Sangha Council, the International Association of Buddhist Universities, International Council of Buddhist Universities, International Council of the United Nations Day of Vesak, President of the French Buddhist Union, Member of the European Buddhist Union and many other organizations, institutions and foundations in the world.

Ven. Dr. Dhammaratana is the co-author of several books and has published many scientific research works in French and in English in prestigious university journals. In recognition of his great leadership in the Buddhist world and academic society he has been honored by international university scholars with the presentation of the felicitation volume “ Dharmayatra”   in 2022. Ven. T. Dhammaratana (Shi Fa Bao) is known as an international Buddhist leader and compassionate teacher who has been dedicating his lifetime to the service of humanity.

Master. Zhang Bu Sheng

President, Organizing Committee

Vice-President, Standing Committee of the International Forum on Global Faith and Culture

Mr. Zhang Bu Sheng is a Singaporean who is a rare and true cultural master in today’s world. He has extensive knowledge and insight into the teachings of Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Western ancient cultures.

What makes him remarkable is that he is a humanistic scientist who conducts studies in life sciences using his own body as a laboratory.

Mr. Zhang Bu Sheng is a master of the five Daoist traditional arts of Medicine, Divination, Astrology, Physiognomy (e.g., Feng Shui), and Alchemy. Mr. Lee Khoon Choy, a former minister and one of Singapore’s founding fathers, once referred to Mr. Zhang as the country’s crown jewel!

With over 30 years of empirical practice, his specialization is in the study and empirical research of living practices. He has spent the last 30 years seeking the truth of life and the reality of the universe through relentless practices and personal experiences. In his quest for truth, he has met over 50 masters from various disciplines, including Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, and reclusive sages.

To integrate with Western wisdom, he has also travelled extensively to uncover the disciplines of Christianity and Catholicism in Europe. He visited Egypt and Greece to explore the essence of ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations spanning 5,000 years, unveiling many secrets of life.

Using “genetic engineering” in the field of life sciences and “quantum science” in high-energy physics, Mr. Zhang has successfully unified modern science with ancient wisdom. In order for humanity to enter into a new era, where we can re-construct our lives, allow our true innate wisdom to be unlocked and utlised, Mr Zhang created the new discipline of “Life Coaching Engineering Technology”. This is to benefit both current and future generations.

Mr. Zhang acts as a bridge between modern and ancient knowledge, and uses simple and straightforward methods tried and tested successfully by himself, to impart the knowledge of how to unlock the code of life.

His talks are consistently fascinating, and his courses are practical, allowing many people to actually experience the empirical essence of life. Students are able to unlock the mysteries of their own lives, and cure a variety of mental and physical disorders.

He is truly deserving of the title of a renowned contemporary master.

With his extraordinary skills, he can instantaneously transform the postnatal Feng Shui arrangement into an innate state, allowing everyone present to experience this power within their body, through sensations of energy within their own body. This ability is indeed remarkable and deserving of praise.

He has taken his students to famous mountains and rivers around the world to seek dragon meridians and energy spots, miraculously reproducing the ancient technique of seeking dragon meridians before one’s eyes, allowing them to understand the miracles of nature in generating life.

With powers harnessed through inner cultivation, Master Zhang has relieved many people of various sufferings and illnesses.

His awakened clarity enables him to counsel many people to walk through their traumas, eliminate their obstacles, and to live a better and holistic life. 

With his extraordinary abilities, he has truly changed the destinies of many people!

With a heart of selflessness, and having achieved profound states in his cultivation, Mr Zhang deeply recognizes the world’s lack of a platform today to promote equal exchange among different religious and cultural beliefs. This realization is also based on his profound understanding of various religions and cultures, his ability to integrate them, and his acknowledgement of societal demands for such a platform.

As a result, he is committed to fostering global exchanges and cooperation among different religions, beliefs, cultures, as well as facilitating in-depth discourse and understanding among various religions, beliefs, and cultures. His goal is to construct a bridge to a more equal, inclusive, and harmonious world.


1. President
Most Venerable Dr. T. Dhammaratana (Shi Fa Bao)
President Frankfurt Buddhist Academy;
Former Consultant to UNESCO
2. Vice President
Professor Zhang Bu Sheng
3. Vice President
Haji Yusuf Liu Baojun
Branch president of DMDI;
Chinese Writer and Calligrapher in Malaysia
4. Vice President
Ms. Ding Nan
Vice President of the Frankfurt Buddhist Academy;
Executive President and Secretary-General of the China General
Chamber of Commerce in Germany
5. Secretary-General
Mr. Tan Yen Keow
Executive Vice President of the Singapore Buddhist Merit Society;
Vice President of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Promotion
6. Deputy Secretary-General
Mr. Neil David Smith
General Manager of Lantau Island Projects and Engineering
Expansion, MTR Corporation Limited, Hong Kong;
General Manager, Hong Kong Buddhism Revitalization
Foundation Limited
United Kingdom
7. Deputy Secretary-General
Mr. Simon Tan
8. Deputy Secretary-General
Ms. Zeoane Goh
9. Secretary
Ms. Deng Bailin

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